About us

We are full of wisdom and firm conviction, full of passion, always stand in the forefront of the valve industry, scientific and technological progress and national development as its mission.

We face the challenge, innovation, pursuit of excellence, and weave sweat extraordinary performance, in order to return the trust and support of more consumers and society as a whole given.

Solidarity, selfless courage, the the many beautiful vision into reality and possible.

We insist on quality first, scientific and technological innovation, the basic principle of people-oriented, the pursuit of sustainable development of employees, partners, and the company's common, and strive to become a modern enterprise customers rely on wealthy employees, social respect!

The Henghua valve will be handheld carrying integrity and innovation, courage and tenacity, breakthrough and success of the brush, in the picture of the long history of China, seal carving out the word "brilliant".

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Address: Henghua sales center, 582 Park Avenue, Oubei street, Yongjia County, Zhejiang Province
Fax: 0577-67987595
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